You can order simply by sending us an e –mail ( ) or a fax +39 06 3010191
We'll let you know the exact price to add, depending on which Country you live.
Usually a single issue of Misty Lane Magazine+CD costs EUR 20.00 postpaid Worldwide. Same for an Album and a couple of 7”s altogether.
At any rate we'll find the best/Cheapest solution for you.
You can always pay via:
1) Paypal
2) International Postal Order (IMO)
3) Bank wire transfer (we'll give you details by e-mail)
We usually ship our parcels as registered airmail,it's the cheapest solution up to 2 Kilograms weight, for larger orders (up to 10 kilograms!) we use a fast worldwide (5 Days) Service. Feel free to ask us any questions by sending an e-mail ( ) Thanks for your support.
The Misty Staff