THE OUT KEY HOLE "Dreams In Waking State" CD (teens 062) Documento senza titolo

Oggi in questa domenica splendida mi son detto : prendiamo in considerazione il nuovo cd di questa nuova band proveniente da Messina e prodotti da Mauro Marchingiglio nonché nostro associato da lustri.Loro si chiamano The Out Key Hole : Carmelo Gazzè : Drums & Vocal
Stefano Restivo : Guitar & Vocal
Tiziano Giunta : Bass & Vocal
e come citato sulle note di copertina usano esclusivamente strumenti VOX e si sente! Ormai sono giorni che ho per le mani questo lavoro e vi confido in tutta onestà che da quando è finito dentro al mio lettore stento a levarlo da li', anche ora mentre scrivo ho in sottofondo “In The Crowd”.Questo loro primo lavoro piacerà sicuramente agli amanti della psichedelia direi che sembra di ascoltare un disco uscito nel 1967, sicuramente se uno lo sentisse senza avere info non lo reputerebbe un disco del 2010 suona troppo in tardo sixties sound! Finalmente abbiamo trovato qualcuno che darà continuità alla scena psichedelica Italiana che sembrava andata persa con band come No Strange e Birdmen Of Alkatraz che da voci di corridoio dovrebbero far uscire dei lavori nuovi a breve e noi tutti appassionati non ne vediamo l'ora. Scusate questa divagazione sul tema ma torniano agli Out Key Hole questo Dreams In Waking State vi farà viaggiare in un trip sonoro da paura il cd contiene le seguenti tracce:
How Much You Need To
I Know The Truth
Still Cries Before Dawn
The Silver Ring
Rusty Knives
I Pretend To Run
We Hate You
Away From The Sun
In The Crowd
Hanging In Space
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THE STEMS "From The Vault" LP (teens 059) Side A
1 She's A Monster 2 Make You Mine 3 Tears Me In Two 4 She's Fine 5 Love Will Grow 6 Under Your Mushroom 7 Just Ain't Enough 8 Jumping To Conclusions
Side B
9 Terminal Cool 10Don't Let Me 11 All You Want Me For 12 Mr. Misery 13 Sad Girl 14 No Heart 15 Spaceship 16 On & On

It’s been one hell of an interesting ride for one of Australia’s much loved and respected bands. There was always a sense of unfinished business when they split in 1987. Things have come full circle, however, and now there is a warm sense of completion. The original Stems line-up of Dom Mariani, Richard Lane, Julian Matthews and Dave Shaw will perform around the country for a final time in October 2009. 1983-1987 THE STEMS epitomized 80’s indie rock, giving it a wider currency. They are one of only a handful of bands (among them the Hoodoo Gurus and The Sunnyboys) that cracked the mainstream charts with an indie approach in the 80’s. Initially THE STEMS released a series of independent records on Sydney’s Citadel Records with each release reaching #1 on the Australian alternative charts. But it was their debut album, released on Mushroom records, AT FIRST SIGHT VIOLETS ARE BLUE in 1987 that received national and international critical acclaim and would be one of the best selling Australian albums of that year despite an almost total lack of commercial airplay in the corporate FM dominated 80’s. Rolling Stone named their album “At First Sight” one the top 100 releases of all time. It eventually went Gold some and continues to sell strongly today. Appearances on Countdown, magazine covers, sold out shows – the world seemed at The Stems feet - however due to the pressures of non-stop touring and the usual “personality differences” the Stems mysteriously imploded on the eve of a massive European tour in late 1987… REBIRTH Rising from the ashes of their 1980’s breakup The Stems reformed in 1997 to perform a reunion show in their beloved hometown of Perth to an enthusiastic response. This event would see them return to the live scene in 2003. It is fair to say they were all surprised – even amazed - how popular they still were. They toured Australia, Europe and the USA including an incredible one off show at the invitation of Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist (and Sopranos TV star) Little Steven, who lists himself as one of the Stems biggest fans, where they shared the stage with Iggy Pop, Bo Diddley, Big Star, Nancy Sinartra..., and 60’s underground bands The Chocolate Watchband, The Pretty Things, Creation and the Electric Prunes that were an influence on their sound in the early days. Things seemed to gain momentum. At the urging of Little Steven and a host of others the band made plans to record an Album of new material ultimately titled HEADS UP – released on Shock Records in late 2007. Recorded in Perth on all analogue equipment and mixed in Cincinnati by producer John Curley (White Stripes, Afghan Wigs, Greenhornes and Ronnie Spector) the album was released to rave reviews and sells solidly around the world. AND NOW DIG THEIR ULTIMATE COMPILATION OF EARLY SINGLES/10" RARITIES AND OUTTAKES!!! Limited edition/ 500 copies.

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GALILEO 7 "Are we having fun yet?" CD ( Teens 060)

1. Never go back 2. Something else 3. Orangery Lane 4. Mine! Mine! Mine! 5. The Sandman turns away 6. Run baby run 7. Are we having fun yet? 8. Some big boys did it (and then ran away) 9. Feet on the round 10. Go home 11. Feed the meter 12. Running through our hands 13. Can’t resist 14. The best way is our way

Allan Crockford was an original member of ' Medway garage-rock legends' (c) The Prisoners, and also The Solarflares (who were actually better) and The Prime Movers (who weren't) along with Graham Day, now ripping it up (whatever 'it' is) with his fabulous Gaolers. Allan was also in the original (and best, obviously) line-ups of the The James Taylor Quartet and Billy Childish's Thee Headcoats. He was also in Phaze, Goodchilde and until recently The Stabilisers. He still also plays in The Vandebilts. After years of letting other band members write all the material he finally decided to try writing songs himself and front a band. The line up of The Galileo 7 was eventually selected from Medway's finest musicians... the ones who didn't say no: Paul Moss is Kent's most in demand bassist and plays at least 3 gigs a night. He hasn't slept for over 5 years. Viv Bonsels has been playing the organ for over a month. A bassist in a former life, she is now learning to stick daggers in the keyboard and how to play the tambourine like Zia McCabe. Russ Baxter carves his drumsticks from the finest scotch cabers. THE GALILEO 7: reversing into the future without a rear view mirror. Or brakes. And a dodgy clutch. Limited edition/ 500 copies.

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Finally out, on Rome's own MISTY LANE label, the definitive biography of one of Europe leading Beat acts of the Sixties, THE OUTSIDERS. This is the English version of the book written (in Dutch) by Jerome Blanes over 10 years ago. Lenny Helsing of The Thanes has edited the English version. An introduction by Ugly Things' fame Mike Stax and The Lyres singer Jeff Conolly appear as well as a foreword by The Outsiders guitarist/composer Ronnie Splinter. The band, led by Wally Tax became legendary already during the late sixties, gaining an incredible histeria, typical of UK acts like The Pretty Things and The Rolling Stones. With a handful of singles, a "Best Of" album and two official LPs The Outsiders entered officially in the R'n'R Hall of Fame. Their songs are unique, original (as a matter of fact the band never recorded covers and performed a few only during the live set in their early days of existence) Raw and essential (First album) as well as rich and experimental (Second album C.Q.). Their songs were could be contaminated by Jazz and Bossa Nova but also reach violent, fuzzy and reverbered edges, in between psichedelia and proto-Punk. This makes their music something quite unique during those years, not only in Holland, but also in Europe. Wally Tax's incredible voice and harp playing, the crazy and anarchist bass style of Appie Rammers, the frenzy beat or gentle touch of Leen Busch' drums, the hair and guitar antics of Tom Krabbendam, all led by the simple but precious song-writing of guitarist Ronnie Splinter make THE OUTSIDERS the legend they are today. Out of the chorus line, similar to no one, in the Hall of the very few bands that changed the aesthetics and music of the Sixties. The 200 pages Book, edited by Massimo del Pozzo (graphic, layout, research of images, old posters, articles etc.) offers, along with the translation of the original book, an accurate discography, updated interviews with band members, friends, roadies, producers, sound engineers, other beat bands members etc. This makes OUTSIDERS BY INSIDERS an essential document to know the true facts and forget the false myths created during four decades of absence, since the band break up, creating an incredible list of the gigs and performances, along with over 250 images, pictures, record sleeves, old articles and more. A fundamental work for those who love (or would like to know) more about the history of Europe's Beat era throughout one the most influent symbol.
Massimo Del Pozzo

MISTY LANE issue 21

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MISTY LANE issue 21

Sixties & Seventies artists featured
Jefferson Airplane (by S. Elliott)
Blues Magoos (by W. Shade / G.James)
Q’65  (by G.  Tedesco)
Choir / Raspberries (by B. Paterson /S. Elliott)
Blues Project  (by W. Shade)
Mapleoak  (by  N. Warburton)
Gregory Allan (by W. Shade / M Rantanen)
Don Randi  (by S. Elliott)
The Rising Storm (by M. del Pozzo)
The Dovers (by M. Dugo)
Leaf Hound (by F. Pasquarelli)
Jon & Lee & The Checkmates
Peck’s Bad Boys (by J. D. Castellano)
Bobby Kris & The Imperials (by  N. Warburton)
The Open Mind (by F. Pasquarelli / G.  Tedesco)
The Fairytale (by F. Ferrari)
Crabby Appleton (by G. Tedesco)
Bruce Cockburn (by  N. Warburton)
The Jaguars (by  V.  Merola)
Bubbles  (by F. A. Cesquim)
Merrywheater  (by  N. Warburton)
Nite Owls (by M. Dugo)
Elastik Band (by M. del Pozzo)
Sir Lord Baltimore  (by J. Perry)
Third World War  (by F. Pasquarelli)
Chosen Few (by W. Shade)
Twiliters (by W. Shade)
Cryers (by W. Shade)
Erik Lindgren  (by M. del Pozzo)

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Return to Progdom (by Julie Perry)
Unifying Theory of the Universe (by E.Letcher)

Now Sounds :(Del Pozzo/Di Nicola/Maracchia/Calabrò)
Bad Afro Records - Temponauts - Mark & The Spies  - Instant Flight - Beat Man - Modulo 5 - Playboys - Tony Borlotti e i suoi Flauers  - Kilroy
Flamin’ Sideburns - Phantom Keys

High in the mid- 80’s: (Del Pozzo/Di Nicola/Elliott)
Mike Stax / Tell Tale Hearts - Avvoltoi - Barbieri Three O’Clock - Ugly Things - Bart Mendoza

On The Outside...Looking in(die)
(by  M. di Nicola) The Men - Anydays - Layne

Reviews (Rigby/Elliott/del Pozzo/Helsing/Di Nicola/ Obradovic/ Olivieri)

Soledad Miranda  (A. Brown)
The Commitee (J.- E. Dubois)s


CD Misty 054
2o tracks compilation filled with ultra cool U.S. Popsike gems 1967/1970.
Full color 12 pages booklet, liner notes, pictures...

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CD Misty 055
2o tracks compilation filled with ultra cool Transworld Popsike gems 1967/1972.
Full color12 pages booklet, liner notes, pictures...

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CD Teens 003
1997 saw The Others back from their Canada/USA tour and back in studio to cut their 5th and best album to date. Filled with inspired originals and authentic sounding covers (Human Expression,Q'65,Morning Dew...). ”Everything's There!” displays the band members influences from Garage to R'n'B and Folk Psych! Voted Italian garage act # 1 throughout the nineties The Others still sound as one of the thee best neo sixties European act to this day. This remastered edition adds two bonus tracks from the same sessions.

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